"The ability to maintain control of the classroom, raise test scores, and win Teacher of the Year awards is what sets Intalage educators apart ... "

Intalage is an official sponsor of the U.S. Department of State's J-1 Exchange Program and has been providing highly qualified, fully certified teachers in the critical need areas of Mathematics, Science, Special Education, Speech, Foreign Languages, and Early Childhood Education for almost 20 years.

Our teachers have seen success in American schools, in part because they bring diversity and cultural exposure to the classroom. Not only do over 80% of our teachers have 5-10 years of teaching experience, but they also hold advanced degrees from English-speaking colleges and universities in their certified content area(s).

Intalage offers comprehensive services to each school district by sponsoring teachers, providing logistical support, and completing all required paperwork for the client district. Each HR department and principal is given the opportunity to review resumes and select candidates to interview. In addition to providing educators, Intalage can assist with professional development, curriculum creation, and staff training.

If your district is interested in Intalage's services, we would love to speak with you in detail please reach out using our Contact form.